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What Is AirTrak

AirTrak is a Measuring tool

-Logs the status of the compressor room for 7 days

-Shows the air demand of your Compressed Air system

-Gives information about the energy consumption of your site

-Creates a report that shows the saving potential you could acheive

- Energy consumtion is a huge part of the life cycle cost of the machine (it can represent up to  75% of the total cost of of ownership of the compressor)

- Keeping this in mind, it is important to ensure you have the right compressor for the right application.

-In a lot of applications the Frequency driven compressor is the right compressor. The AirTrak measurements can help to show this.


AirTrak Principle

 •The Logger

 –Logs the current absorbed by the compressor(s)

 •The software

 –Transforms the current into statusses (Load / unload / stopped / 5%, 10%, 15% loaded …) –Converts the status into a flow graph.

  –Calculates the numbers of Running hours, Unloaded hours, Stopped hours, Number of running cycles.

 –Simulates with other (“best fitted”) compressor installation.

 –Creates a repport showing the saving potential, Depending on the cost of electricity, Depending on the operating weeks.


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