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Lubricants and coolants

Original replacement parts - Oil

Oil for piston compressors, produced with highquality bases and extremely effective additives, is the specific oil for piston compressors.
The strong resistance of the oil film minimises losses caused by friction, improves sealing and enhances the compressor's performance.
High demulsion level allow efficient separation of the oil from the condensate water. A high antioxidant capacity ensures consistent longterm performance levels.


Oil for screw compressors obtained from quality bases specific for the purpose, enriched with special additives, improves compressor operation and ensures consistent long-term performance. The strong resistance of the oil film minimises friction and improves the seal between screws and the overall performance of the compressor.
The physiochemical properties of “FluidTECH” help maintain a high level of internal cleanness, thus prolonging the life of oleophilic filters.