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Energy recovery

Energy recovery If you use electricity, gas or oil for any form of heating within the production facilities or in the process, there is good reason to investigate the possibilities of fully or partly replacing the energy with surplus energy from the compressor installation. The decisive factors are the alternative value in SEK/kWh for the surplus energy, degree of utilization and the amount of additional investment necessary. A well-planned investment in energy recovery often gives a repayment time of only 1-3 years. Over 90% of the power supplied to the compressor can be recovered in the form of highly valuable heat. The temperature level of the recovered energy determines the possible application areas and thereby the value. The highest degree of efficiency is generally obtained from water cooled installations, when the compressor installation?s outgoing cooling water can be connected directly to a continuous heating requirement, for example, the heating boiler?s return circuit. Surplus energy can then be effectively utilized all year round. Different compressor designs give different prerequisites. In situations requiring a large heat flow, long transporting distances to the point of utilization, a generally lower requirement or a requirement that varies during the year, it can be of interest to look at the possibilities of selling the recovered energy.
At the same time as the compressor produces compressed air, it also converts the supplied energy to heat, which is transferred to the coolant, air or water. Only a small part follows with the compressed air and is emitted as radiation from the machine and pipes. An air cooled compressor involves the simplest recovery system, while a water cooled compressor involves more efficient and more flexible recovery possibilities.