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Maintenance As all other equipment, even a compressor installation requires some form of maintenance. However, maintenance is low in relation to other costs, but can be reduced further through planning measures. The choice of the level of maintenance is determined by the installation's reliability and performance. Maintenance makes up the smallest part of the installation's total cost. This is connected to a high degree on how the installation has been planned in general and the choice of compressor and the auxiliary equipment. You can reduce costs by combining monitoring with other functions when using equipment for fully automatic operations and monitoring of the compressor central. The total budget for maintenance is affected by: - Type of compressors - Auxiliary equipment (dryers, filters, control and regulation equipment) - Operating situation - Installation conditions - Media quality - Maintenance planning - Choice of safety level - Energy recovery/cooling system - Degree of utilization The annual cost usually lies between 5-10% of the machine's investment value.