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Maintenance planning

Maintenance planning Well-planned maintenance means that you can anticipate costs and extend the service life of the machine and auxiliary equipment. At the same time costs for repair of small faults decrease and downtime becomes shorter. By utilizing advanced electronics to a greater degree machines are equipped with instruments for diagnostic examination. This means that component parts can be utilized optimally and replacement takes place only when there is a need. The need of reconditioning can be discovered at an early stage before becoming immense, thus avoiding subsequent damage and unnecessary downtime. By utilizing the supplier's service staff and original spare parts, you can expect the machine to have a high technical standard and you have the possibility of adopting modifications based on the latest findings during the machine's service life. Specially trained technicians, who also answer for the training of in-house maintenance staff, make the assessment of the maintenance requirement. You should always have you own skilled staff to take care of daily inspection, as ears and eyes can hear and see things that monitoring equipment cannot.
The highest possible degree of utilisation reduces the cost of service and maintenance, counted in SEK/operatin hour. It's realistic to plan for 100% utilisation and at least 98% availability.