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Working pressure

Working pressure The working pressure directly affects the power requirement. High pressure means higher energy consumption. To increase the working pressure to compensate for pressure drop always results in impaired operating economy. Despite this it is a common method, for example, with pressure drop caused by a too small pipe system or blocked filters. As an example , an increase in the working pressure by 1 bar, brings about an increase in the power requirement by approx. 6% . In an installation with several filters, especially if they have been operational for a long period of time without being replaced, the pressure drop can be significantly higher and therefore very costly. In many installations it is not possible to implement large pressure reductions, but using modern regulation equipment it is frequently fully realistic to lower the pressure by 0.5 bar. This means a saving of perhaps a few per cent, which may seem to be low, but if you consider that the total efficiency of the installation is increased to an equivalent degree it becomes more evident what the pressure reduction means.
<= ]The relation between pressure and electrical energy consumption. For a compressor of 15m³/min. a reduction of the working pressure from 7 to 6 bar means that the power requirment decreases from 91 to 85kW. With a running time of 4000 hours/year th is represents 24.000kW/year